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Technical analysis is a method of price forecasting that involves pattern recognition on a  chart.  Traderley is known to be the best Technical Analysis provider. Anyone can join our analysis group and review the potential of professionalism and accuracy rate of ‘Traderley Technical Analysis‘ in Currencies and Commodities. We provide daily technical analysis with proper guide. 



Trading signals is based on Technical and Fundamental studies and Market experts of the company gives Daily Trading Signal services to the clients. In this service clients could easily monitor market fluctuations and where to Buy or Sell the Currencies, Commodities or Energy products and where to liquidate.

We offer different Signal packages to our clients depending on subscription charges. We send signals out via WhatsApp. You will receive from 3-6 high probability trades a day depending on the market activity and on our set up. We do not issue refunds on signals.

Traderley Forex Services Signals


Traderley is a ‘Officially Certified Partner’ of reputed brokers such as InstaForex for the last 3 years. We give free account opening services include Deposits and Withdrawals plus Daily Trading Signals to our IB referrals. Traders can open account with our referral link and get free privately guided Trading Plans/Signal on any product. No fee,no commission, no swap charges.

Hurry Up and create your account now and enjoy excellent services. You can easily open Trading Account through this button.


Traderley introduced most advanced Trading Strategy to generate maximum revenue for the clients. FOREX ROBOT (Expert Advisor) is a software that trades for you automatically. It runs inside your Forex terminal and can be attached to any currency”. It is easy and portable to use and saves more human efforts.

Professional Forex Trading Course

Wait is over, We bring you a complete 1 Month Elite Forex Course includes Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis, Risk Management, Money management, Introduction of Currencies , Japanese Candlesticks, Winning Trading Strategies and much more. Come and join this beginner to expert level Professional Forex Trading Course. Master your skills and do not waste your time and money in trading without learning.

We offer you best forex course on Individual basis 1:Online method (Via Skype,Phone Call on WhatsApp) 2: Classes in office (Live sessions).

Contact us for more details.

FX Copy Trading Services

Rules and Regulations for Forex Copy Trading System:

Traderley has launched 5 more Copy Trading Projects. Monitoring of accounts is live on Instaforex official website. Our Fx Copy Trading Systems details are:

FxCopy System 2: (25,000$) = Minimum Account of follower should be 25,000$. (16% Profit Sharing Ratio)

FxCopy System 3: (10,000$) = Minimum Account of follower should be 10,000$. (20% Profit Sharing Ratio)

FxCopy System 4: (5000$) = Minimum Account of follower should be 5000$. (25% Profit Sharing Ratio)

FxCopy System 5: (3000$) = Minimum Account of follower should be 3000$. (25% Profit Sharing Ratio)

FxCopy System 6: (1000$) = Minimum Account of follower should be 1000$. (25% Profit Sharing Ratio)

Forex Account Management Services​

Traderley gives a facility according to client’s needs which is account management. On behalf of client, Traderley Professional Forex Traders can manage multiple trading accounts with proper risk and money management. This service is based on profit sharing depending upon the size of the investor/client.

Minimum Account size of investor should not be less than 5000$. There’s no limit of maximum account size. Contact us for more details.